My article, A Hard Bargain, appears in O, The Oprah Magazine, July 2016

Thanks Oprah!

The following was a text I juts received from a dear college friend.

“Friday night, 9:30 pm. I’m schnucked up in bed, having a glass of vino, decompressing from the trials and tribulations of the week. I’m reading my Oprah magazine that just arrived and, lo  and behold, I’m sucked into an article “A Hard Bargain.”  I never notice the photos of the people involved until I am well into it. When my brain finally focuses, I realize fairly quickly it is THE RIC with her mother, Gabriele. I go out to my husband and toss him the article and say, “Do you see an ol’ boot anywhere on this page?” He laughs and points you out immediately, as proud as I am. RICO, congrats! I’m sure some of those Daisy Dukes your mom had may be mine that you swiped in college. Take photos and we’ll settle up!”

Thank you, Brenda, and everyone who has reached out about the article.  Glad I could do my mama proud. You can find my essay, “A Hard Bargain” in the July, 2016 of O, The Oprah Magazine. You can get it…well…almost anywhere, as Oprah has a wide reach! 🙂

xoxo Suzanne