Strange and beautiful purple and white daisy

Springtime in Spain

Hi there–

From the notes I’ve gotten, it’s clear my O Magazine story called “The Accidental Commune” has hit the newsstands although I have yet to see it.  So, if you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or standing in line at the supermarket, keep your eye out.  This began as a piece on the joys and challenges of blending two families into one, but became much more about the evolution of sisterhood.  Our decision to move to Spain to be with Stephanie and her family in the wake of my mother’s death has allowed us all to heal better together than we could have ever done alone.  For this, I will always be grateful–a true gift that sprung from the darkest time in our lives.  I can feel my mama smiling.

Thank you all for your support.  I read every comment, email, and note, taking your words of wisdom and love into my heart.  Being able to write about the pain of losing someone so integral to our family has been a saving grace.

In great appreciation,


Suzanne Rico and family

Happiness is… Family