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I went to high school with a girl named Laura.  On Facebook recently she posted a picture of a green, goopy looking smoothie with the caption, “I’m a middle-aged fatty trying to change. Who’s with me?”  Perhaps this got my attention because at that moment I was drinking a green, goopy looking smoothie myself.  And while I am not fat, I am definitely middle-aged.  And so yes, Laura, I’m with you!

Carrot, kale, ginger, jalepeño, beet smoothie!

Going Green (and orange and yellow)

In solidarity with every middle-aged person who is trying to retain some semblance of their younger, slimmer, faster, less-achy self, I offer The Burpees Workout.  You won’t find this at any gym–it’s something Ethan came up with a month ago when we got back from our travels and wanted a quick, total body workout.  All you need is a pair of running shoes, half an hour, and a little determination.  But beware–I didn’t say it was going to be easy!

The Burpees workout leaves you tired but feeling good.

Burpee’d Out!

1.) Walk outside your house.  Jog for one minute up the street or sidewalk, then turn on the jets, running as fast as you can for 30 seconds (you can also do this by running paces–150 paces at a jog then 75 at a dead run).  Jog back to your front yard.  Ignore your neighbor’s strange looks.

2.) Do ten burpees.  If you’ve forgotten these from elementary school, here’s a 3 minute video how-to video  (and while I DO add the full push-up at the bottom, make your own call!).  Invite your neighbors to join you.

3.) Do (about) 150 crunches.  If you want to do full sit-ups, do 50 (the  important thing is to do it until you feel stomach fatigue, so tailor this part of the workout to your liking).  Challenge your neighbor to do this with you.

4.)  Repeat 5-6 times (each circuit should take you 4-7 minutes).  Don’t hate me.

Suzanne Rico doing side crunches as part of the Burpees Workout


So, GAME ON, Laura!  Start slow.  Build strength.  Feel your body get stronger.  There’s not much we can do about aging; what we can do is fight back intelligently–healthy smoothies instead of soda, balanced meals instead of binges, workouts that offer maximum benefit in minimum time.  I’m not a personal trainer, a dietitian, or a life coach–just a middle-aged mom always trying to change for the better.  Who’s with me?

Suzanne Rico running during Burpees workout

Who’s With Me?