The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Worth it or not?

Years ago, Ethan asked for a Dyson vacuum cleaner for his birthday. Dirt is my husband’s enemy and the Dyson promised to suck it up better than any other vacuum on earth. Just so happens, inventor James Dyson was on a press tour to promote his wonder product and stopped by the KCBS Studio. Not only did I get James Dyson to come deliver E’s present in person, but he vacuumed our living room too, the gadget guru and the gadget geek chatting happily about hoses, suction, and bagless technology.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day, 2017. Ethan insists this celebration of love is made up by the Hallmark folks and florists to sell cards and flowers so rarely do I get a gift. But this year, he surprised me with a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that promised to revolutionize the blow drying process. I shook my long, pain-in-the-ass mane loose from its usual ponytail, kissed my thoughtful hubby, and headed for the shower.

The sleek Dyson, gun-metal grey with pink accents, costs a small fortune. For the sticker price of $400, the thing should reduce wrinkles and restore 20/20 eyesight in the bargain. And since I’m a saver, not a spender, I’d never have bought one for myself. But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? And depending on how well it works, it might just be worth it. My criteria for this review? Time saved, ease of use, and the look and feel of the final product.

The first thing I noticed is that The Dyson is not top-heavy like regular blow dryers. That’s because the motor is stashed in the handle. Smart–my arm didn’t get as tired, a big plus since I’ve got a 2 centimeter tear in my right rotator cuff. First time out of the box, I didn’t bother with a round brush. I just flipped my head over and seven minutes later, my hair was straight and soft. Not as good as the salon, for sure, but that would have cost an hour of my time and $30.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Not bad for seven minutes…

I found the biggest negative about the Dyson to be the attachments. They’re magnetic and fabulously easy to put on, but the next time I blow-dried—with a brush this time—whenever dryer and brush made contact, the attachment went flying across the bathroom floor. Four times I had to stop, pick it up, and reattach. This time, it took me 15 minutes to finish. My hair looked good. But better than when I use my other blow dryer? I’d say…yes…a little.

Everything takes getting used to. The Dyson’s flow is not as forceful as my regular hair dryer. It also doesn’t seem to get as hot—both possible negatives if you’re in a hurry but probably very good for your hair. And the air velocity of  the Dyson is like cashmere in comparison to wool: It feels softer than my other dryer–the whole process not as harsh. And while the heat and air flow switches are in strange territory (instead of on the handle, you’ll find these blinking, high-tech buttons on the head) and I can’t find them easily yet, I’m quickly getting the hang of it.

Revolutionary? I’d say…yes…a little. I love the silk of my hair falling down my back.  Worth $400? The answer is yes again…but only if you’ve got money to spare.

Dried my hair in 15 minutes with Dyson Supersonic.

15 minute from start to finish.