Breaking News! Rain, Fear Dampen Machu Picchu
There aren’t many kids running around Peru’s Machu Picchu. This is because with one slip of a small foot or momentary wandering of attention, a child could easily launch like a cruise missile into the deep, steep gorges that surround the Lost City Of The Incas.Despite superb city planning and obvious architectural skills, the Incas must have lost more than a few niños this way. Our whole visit was spent yelling, “Watch out! Stop! Get back! Don’t run!” and “This rock is where they sacrifice kids who don’t listen to their parents.” When I asked a guard how many folks have fallen to their deaths, he shrugged and said, “Uno o dos.” I asked if that was per month, per year or per decade, but he just shrugged again. From a narrow stone staircase that rose into thin air, I peered down at lush orchids clinging to sheer cliffs, impenetrable jungle, and a river of what looked like chocolate milk rushing through the canyon 2,000 feet below. Finding the bodies must have been a real bitch.
The Road To Machu Picchu!
This place brought out the serious crybaby in me. I’m not sure whether it’s the whole “search for enlightenment” thing I’ve been doing or just the beauty, intensity, and insanity of Machu Picchu, but I often had to tamp down sobs. Read more…