Tree root system in a Maine forest

The trick is not to trip…

It’s buggy in the Maine woods, the mirror image of the sky in shit shit shit…  

Ahem. Excuse my language. I was dictating deep thoughts into my iPhone as I ran through those Maine woods and tripped over a tree root. With the impact reverberating through my hurt shoulder, I picked myself up, recovered my phone from a pile of pine needles, and laughed at the caught-on-tape cussing. Was the Universe, with its wicked sense of humor, reminding me not to multi-task?

It probably won’t work. “I yam what I yam and dat’s what I yam!” said Popeye The Sailor Man, and I kind of agree. A lifetime of Type A behavior does not easily morph to Type B. Although Maine, with it’s peaceful vibe, would be good place to learn to slow down. For now, the trick is, I think, to recognize behaviors that don’t serve anymore—or behaviors that could end with a trip to the emergency room. For the rest of my run, I kept my iPhone off and my eyes on the trail, still thinking about the forest with its gorgeous, intricate root system, and wondering what else it could teach me.

kid on a rope swing in Maine

No Fear